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Self-adhesive diffraction grating caps SpectroKit® for cellular

by Jean-Christophe-DORE |

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In addition to the delivered grating cap, the kit also includes a user guide, a procedure to follow in case of unidentified light effects phenomenon, a short introduction to spectroscopy techniques, the whole packaged in a protective case easy to carry around.

A DIY version on

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Wow! Is this by chance open source? I imagine not. link to buy it anywhere? Great look at a potential attachment system. Do you like it? Does it stay attached?

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Hi Warren, the self-adhesive is not open source ( too much job for me to make it in China, i need to keep my invest back first), but the DIY version is. If you are interessed by the adhesive version, may be a partnership done. contact me via the ufo-science website ( contact up right ). It's a removable system.


My previous answer is under moderate, waiting .. It's not open source ( too much work to produce and need to get back my invest first) It's e removable system ( auto adhesive infinite ... ) may be send a pack of it, if lot of people interrested by it.

send me emai .


its still really cool Jean, I love the cap

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