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SoC proposal: Community-toolbox

by jainsubhahu | March 19, 2019 20:19 19 Mar 20:19 | #18780 | #18780

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About me

Name: Subhahu Jain



Affiliation IP University , Delhi

Location: Delhi

Project description

As we know community toolbox plays a big role for newcomers to the open source . It provides a good start to newcomers to work on project by providing issues or bugs for first- timers which will give them a good start. The ideas includes Moving to mvc , adding service worker ( for PWA ) , language translator plugin ( different language ) , documentation , testing and adding some new features like filter by repos , language( like js,ruby ) and lot more_

Abstract/summary (<20 words):

we can divide the implementation work in three parts

1. Move To MVC Framework ( using angular ) and add video slider ( beginners videos )

2. Add new features like filters and toggling view , service worker, language translator

3. Adding testing , documentation and Fixing bugs ( only necessary ).


Currently newcomers get list of issues which is not sorted according to their needs . Adding filteration allow them to select issues according to their choice and skills ( language they know ) . will make a pwa apps so that it works offline also.


Move to MVC Framework ( angular )

Currently project is not based upon the MVC framework .I will convert this project to MVC using Angular Framework . This will allow us to easily bind data with html or document for painting it . By using angular ( MVC ) we can track or divide the entire page into different section or components . So that it become easy for developers to work with the project to add new features to it . I will shift everything to angular like urlhashing , local storage etc. Everything will implemented in angular as our current project have.

I have created a demo version of community toolbox ( with angular)

Add video slider ( for beginners videos )

Will add the video slider section to website for beginners so that before starting contribution they can learn the required or necessary things that one should need to know before jumping into open source like git, github , how to make pr etc. We can create our own channel or playlist ( on youtube ) or can include the hardcoded video url.

REFerence : link text ( )

Adding new Features

Adding filters and toggling view

Add filter in the contributors ( dropdown )

  • filter by repo
  • sort by no. of contribution ( commits )


Add search bar in filter

image description

Add filter in issues ( dropdown )

image description

  • filter by repo
  • filter by language ( like js or ruby ,html ) Add filter in the issues so that beginners can select issues according to projects and language ( like js or ruby )

List | card UI view

Will make a toggle button by which we can toggle between the card and list view according to our needs . so we can have a good view and can also use it for copying the list of contributors

Reference : link text ( ) ( jywarren comment )


Adding the language translator

Internationalization is the process of designing and preparing your app to be usable in different languages. Localization is the process of translating your internationalized app into specific languages for particular locales. We are going to use the angular i18n attribute with a custom id, by doing this every translation unit generated by the i18n extractor tool is more readable and easy to maintain. We are also going to add a description and a meaning to the i18n attribute, this helps angular to improve the accuracy of the translation.

image description**

**image description

Will add the google language translator plugin to have the website in various language so non-native english person can have a knowledge about our website .

Add service worker ( for pwa )

image description A service worker is a type of web worker. It's essentially a JavaScript file that runs separately from the main browser thread, intercepting network requests, caching or retrieving resources from the cache, and delivering push messages. Will add service worker to website so that it can work offline also. so if someone is out of internet he/she can still use the website .

Add modal view of contributors

Suggested by jywarren

Will add the modal view for contributors so if any one clicks on contributor , it will open a modal view of it with contributor details It will include:

  • contibutions
  • issue list

Add themes

Will add a different variety of themes to the website so anyone can the view according to their needs.

Adding surge for continuous deployment

image description

Surge is static web publishing for Front-End Developers, right from the CLI. Surge is a CLI to deploy any directory to the web with just one command. Simply type surge from the root of your project we will be using surge for continuous deployment of our website it will deploy website for every PR ( pull request ) also so that other developers can easily review it .

image description

Adding Test

image description As we move forward there is a possiblity that our project has some bugs which we need to fix So we also have to write tests which will automatically detect that whether changes are breaking the project or not. All tests file have an .spec.ts extension where we will write tests using @angular/testing package

Adding codecov for coverage report of testing

image description

Codecov is a reporting tool that is intended to process any coverage report format into a format that is standard across Codecov. You may change the configuration of how Codecov processes reports and expresses coverage information. The code coverage percentages let you estimate how much of your code is tested. To Run Execute : ng build --no-watch --code-coverage

image description


Add documentation of how we are extracting data from api according to requirements

tutorial of how to deploy project to firebase , heroku, or using github pages

Create FTO issue

Fix the necessary bugs But will skip some small issues for begineers which we can later open them for first-timer issue

Timeline or Milestones

image description

First-time Contribution

Links to show my recent activity:


i started programming 1.5 year back with competitive programming on codechef . My first language was C language , then i slowly starts to move towards the web development with HTML and CSS and then javascript , angular and typescript .

My first project was a webiste which was for GCI participants . My previous project was a front-end of a search engine which was based on angular and yacy-grid .


Recently i have taken part in team event which was smart india hackathon , where we was required to solve a problem based on it we have to make our presentation or proposal


I m passionate about programming like competitive programming . i love solving probelms . publci lab is very helpful for beginners to get into the open source because of constant momentum , responsive people , variety of projects etc.


My project will be helpful for the developers who want to work on the project because of MVC . Moreover , it also provide more features to beginners to get started into the world of open source .


Yes, I understand that. I would be fully commited to my work.I will be in touch with my mentors and other co-developers on Gitter as well as on GitHub.I will work for more than 48 hours per week(8+ hours a day).


Please review and give suggestion currently it is not propely documented and formated ( will do it also )

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@jywarren @publiclab/reviewers please review

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@jainsubhahu I'd be nice if we can maybe format the proposal (remove dangling underscores, bold appropriate headings, etc.) as well as add neccessary sections such as Timeline, Contributions, Passion and maybe some effective enhancements like this one? Hope this makes sense and looking forward to help in any way possible!


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Great work here @jainsubhahu! I think I would agree with @rexagod. This way your proposal will look more complete. But this is amazing! Feel free to ask for any help!

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@IshaGupta18 @rexagod Thanks ,
I will definately complete this by today .. I have created demo version of toggling view feature mentioned in proposal please review that
link .... and

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@jywarren @bansal_sidharth2996, @publiclab/reviewers please review

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@jainsubhahu mention number of hours your are gonna work for a day may be in commitment. And please run this on grammarly the are few spelling mistakes. And the proposal looks really good.


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Hi, please upload your proposal at the Google Summer of Code website at the earliest. Please ignore this comment if already done.

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