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Hacking the Hudson River

by iragersh | October 31, 2018 01:33 31 Oct 01:33 | #17437 | #17437

This is a Facebook group and email list I created

This group is about creating a constituency for cleaner waters and easier access. The manner of reaching the goal of creating the constituency is by publicizing swimming in the Hudson.

Currently, the Hudson River's shoreline has been straightened and bulkheaded or riprapped. The straightening increases the near shore current and eliminated bays and habitat. I would like to see groins built into the Hudson River so that the current would be slowed enabling habitat creation with ensuing possiblities of small fish, swimming, oysters, mussels, etc. #smallfishbigdeal

The idea for this group came from Jennifer Ballesteros who at the time was Communications Manager of the Billion Oyster Project (BOP).

The group is populated by like minded people who like to swim and don't understand why an incredible resource is squandered.


Hi @iragersh - this sounds great! I wasn't able to find the Facebook Group you mentioned, so feel free to add the link to the facebook page or the email list signup in your post or down here in the comments. I've added a few tags to ping the NYC and Brooklyn regional folks who might also have an interest in this work.

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