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Notes from 2011-5-6 staff call

by gonzoearth | May 06, 2011 17:41 06 May 17:41 | #224 | #224

Public Archive

  • maps page. Now possible to add records. features still be added
  • help/support information on maps page, how to use the viewew, what different things mean, tec
  • map archive entry, how to add geotiff, time info. green band?
    • mapbox embedded clarification, added point(s), not showing flag/tiles
  • mapmill ftp access for steart and shannon coming


  • shirley, committed to some type of project, detail coming in one week.

PLOTS: the organization

  • printing. concern for retasking mathew’s poster printing job. shannon has volunteered to take it on.
  • unicef, ongoing conversations. more detail in the mailing list.

Upcoming events

  • jeff and adam in NOLA on Monday

PLOTS website

  • maps page
  • Need agreement on licenses. Created a license page explaining them: Licenses

Next staff meeting at 6:00 EST on Monday, May 9th 2011


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