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Announcing 3 Accepted Google Summer of Code Public Lab Projects!

by gonzoearth | May 29, 2013 16:52 29 May 16:52 | #7961 | #7961

We are very happy to come out of the GSOC project ideas phase with 3 accepted summer projects. As you can see each project is quite different yet all 3 will benefit the Public Lab community with their development. Stayed tuned on the lists/website/github to follow along with the work and congratulations to the successful students!

"Web service for NDVI and NRG compositions from visible and infrared images." student: InkCoder - mentor:donblair A simple web service for NDVI composition from visible and infrared images.

"Android Aerial Acquisition App" student:Mohit - mentor:cfastie Android app that shoots aerial images continuously or instantaneously using smartphone camera as well as Canon camera to produce low cost maps by stitching aerial images together and putting them on maps using GPS coordinates, heading information obtained from various sensors.

"Find closest match spectra from database" student:Sreyanth - mentor:warren The public laboratory???s Spectral Workbench provides its users with tools to share the spectra and work on it. I would like to add an extra yet important functionality. A scalable spectral matching mechanism. With this in place, the users will be able to see some results which show up when the system finds some similar spectra in the database. This helps the user explore and learn more about his/her uploaded spectrum.


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