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[organizing] Mapknitters Gulf Coast --first meeting

by eustatic | October 31, 2013 23:13 31 Oct 23:13 | #9707 | #9707

what's up

Some of us on the Gulf Coast got together to hang out on mapknitter and make maps from existing photography. a Nascent Public Lab Cartography Collective.

My attempt and results

We started a process document here. We have a number of New Orleans Locations where we can meet over computers.

We are meeting and communicating over the Gulf Coast and Public Lab and Grassroots mappers lists, so sign up!

The first two sets of photos we have to work with are for Bayou St John, and Bayou Bienvenue Shoreline.
Download them from google drive here

Soon, we will discuss GroundworkNOLA's photos of MacMain's schoolyard.

Scott will make a wiki page for all of the photography that is unmapped for the Gulf Coast here:

Questions and next steps

Wanna join? want to skype in? Scott will work on adding that capability. Scott is eustatic0 on Skype.

Contact Alex Stoicof on the gulf coast or barnraisers lists, and Alex or Scott can send you a Doodle Poll.


loop me in!

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