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Using Precision Measurements for Qualitative Analysis

by dhaffnersr | June 06, 2016 14:05 | 68 views | 0 comments | #13169 | 68 views | 0 comments | #13169 06 Jun 14:05

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I wanted to demonstrate and show how I get such precise measurements when I am preparing dilute samples with exact concentration levels for analysis.

Some of my equipment:

someof_my_equipt_2.png Serological pipette pump (10ml capacity) with a 1 ml Serological pipette inserted.


some_of_my_equipment_june_6.png 1 ml capacity Serological pipette can dispense solution @ 0.01ml per pump.

• 0.01mL Graduation Interval • Sterile • Polystyrene • 1mL • 278mm Long

3.png . Serological pipette in sterile packaging.

SEOH Serological Pipet individually wrapped 1ml 50 per pack

5.png 1000microliter tips for serological pipettes

6.png These are the dyes that I work with; Fluorescein, Rhodamine b and Eosin Y.


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