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Quantum Yield calculations for Fluorescein in Potassium bromide

by dhaffnersr | May 07, 2016 16:01 07 May 16:01 | #13088 | #13088

I finally figured out how to calculate the quantum yield for a sample, so using the raw data from the Oregon Medical Laser Center's spectral data (which thanks to Warren and his upgrade to the CSV beta upload, now it is very easy to upload this raw emission data and use it in a meaningful way.)

So I was able to transfer the raw data to spekwin32 and process it so I could compare it to my data for fluorescein. The data for the Laser center is fluorescein in ethanol, but their spectra is a true spectra with no PL artifacts in it.

The reason I am using KBr (potassium bromide) has been explained in my previous research note, but I was able to calculate it's quantum yield, and I'm 95 percent sure its accurate.




Here is a comparison between the spectral data from the Oregon medical laser center (fluorescein in ethanol) and my spectral data (fluorescein in potassium bromide)


Now here is a comparison of the 2D thermal spectrum, the first one is mine the fluorescein in potassium bromide:


Here is the 2D thermal spectrum of fluorescein in ethanol from the Oregon laser medical center:


as you can see, my thermal image is very similar to the one above, it takes a little more time and effort on my part because I have to do it manually, but the result is a very professional and quality data image.

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This is part three for this particular research note:


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