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Signal to Noise ratio validation on previous fluorescein research study

by dhaffnersr | April 17, 2016 10:52 17 Apr 10:52 | #12991 | #12991

I have analysed the SNR data for my previous work on fluorescein concentration study and these are my results.

A few explanations are in order first, so there is no confusion on how I arrived at my conclusions:

Background radiance= the analyte wavelength in (nm) Analyte flicker factor is measured in electron volts Analyte’s radiance is measured as its concentration, meaning also the analyte noise signal is proportional to its concentration level. Detector noise is measured in mA,volts and milli volts, also temperature of ccd camera can be a factor, if that factor can be known and measured. Noise is the strength of the blank without the analyte Combining all these factors together with this excel program, knowing that my sample exposure time is within a 30 second time frame, these SNR readings are valid.

Below is an explanation of spectral radiance: spectral_radiance_apr17.png




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