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Prolight 1W 400-410nm UV LED (high brightness-350mA) Tested today

by dhaffnersr | April 04, 2016 18:43 04 Apr 18:43 | #12918 | #12918

I tested my Prolight LED on 3 samples:

1) Eosin Y in methanol

2) 10w40 motor oil-undiluted

3) 2-Stroke motor oil multi-mix-undiluted

These are the results (raw data, except for baseline corrections.)

Cuvettes used were UV clear on all 4 sides and disposable (ISO 9001-14001 certified)

(Brand GMBH-made in Germany.)

This is a picture of the Prolight circuit in operation at full intensity ( 3.56v @ 143mA at LED.)




The sets can be viewed here- http://spectralworkbench.org/sets/3239

Initially I am impressed with the intensity factor of this LED at only 3.56v and 143mA, I'm going to redesign the driver circuit to keep voltage constant but have the ability to control current instead, since this will regulate the temp of the LED and maybe push it's limit beyond 410nm without destroying it, we will see!


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