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Calibration of a single point reference

by dhaffnersr | February 16, 2016 18:12 16 Feb 18:12 | #12695 | #12695

Well, what I wanted to do was figure out a way I could take spectral shots of my samples using at least for now, a UV laser pointer and export usable data. I also wanted to find a way to calibrate the very laser pointer I am I using and I "think" I found that way, so below is my research on it and my data, any and ALL help is always appreciated, I have to tell you that I am learning a lot about this field of study and I am finding it very exciting (I'm kinda nerdy like that.)

Also I have found it very interesting about my research using various slit sizes, two examples of that are below also, upon using the .40mm slit that comes standard with the kit I found that I had to make various but critical adjustments to my spectrometer and filter system when using both green laser and UV laser light.

No matter what slit size I used with the 405nm laser I had to use a neutral grey filter or the intensity was way too much and it just drowns out everything else. These two examples are using only water as the solvent, later I will conduct the same tests using other solvents as well to create good baselines that perhaps we all can really use.



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