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Charles River and Brighton Reservoir Water Samples

by cjedra | October 01, 2014 18:09 01 Oct 18:09 | #11224 | #11224

Tatiana Ochoa and Christina Jedra conducted water sample tests on samples from the Charles River (near Harvard and Kendall) and from the Reservoir in Brighton. See their sample information HERE.

See video of the water testing HERE.

We found the the Charles River from Harvard had the highest pitch, the Charles River water from Kendall had a slightly lower pitch, the Reservoir had an even lower pitch, and drinking water from a bottle had the lowest. The pitch corresponds to water conductivity, which could be an indicator of water quality. The results are interesting because the pitches were noticeably different in different parts of the same river. This could be because of location to sources of pollution and/or the mouth of the river. It is also worth noting that the Reservoir is supposedly safe drinking water (being held in case of a drought), and yet the conductivity was higher than drinking water sold in a store.


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