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Image above: A group photo of 230+ of the mentors at the Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit in Building 43 at the GooglePlex. Three photos by Daniel Pocock (Daniel's originals are beautiful 36 MP photos).

Two mentors from each of the ca. 170 organizations participating in Google Summer of Code this year were invited to a meeting at Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California. Some additional mentors were also invited as space became available. Public Lab was lucky enough to send all three of its mentors, two of which are in the group photo above.

Most mentors stayed at the Wild Palms Hotel in Sunnyvale where excellent dinners were served Friday and Saturday night around the pool. On Saturday night there was live music by an impromptu mentor band and an open bar. An Infragram NBG image.

The Mentor Summit is an unconference, so sessions are organized online by participants and arranged into a schedule at the start of the summit. Most sessions are led by mentors.


PumpLong.jpg PumpRSID.jpg
The first morning was devoted to the "pump handle" during which we advanced along the line for two hours and introduced ourselves to several dozen of the mentors. Our name tags had QR codes, so if you made yourself out to be awesome, your new friend might scan you into his phone. Parsing the cacophonous audio for the voice of the person across from you is wearying, so I took a break for drinking and photography.


360° panorama of the pump handle in the main courtyard of the GooglePlex . I was doing a more careful job of capturing photos for a repeat panorama when a security guard asked me to stop because they don't allow people to take a lot of photos. They apparently make a distinction between a lot of people taking a few photos and one person taking a lot of photos.

Jeff Warren proposed and led an excellent discussion about developing open hardware along with open source software.

Infragram NDVI of the courtyard by Building 2000 on Charleston Road.


Infragram NBG of "Stan" the T-Rex lovingly adorned with flamingos, as is the tradition.


This Google sign was added for the production of the movie "The Internship." An Infragram photo.

Infragram NDVI of the 'Internship' sign.


Don, David, Ben, and I walked over to Vista Slope north of the Plex to do some kite photography, but after seeing this sign, then watching a small plane fly low over our heads, we decided to descend the hill to Charleston Park where there was insufficient wind. I just learned that on the other side of the Shoreline Amphitheatre is a park with a designated kite flying area.


The group photography took so long that Don's face got stuck.

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What fun Chris. Great imagery!

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