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Recruiting (Local) DYI Scientists for a Wetlands Project

by belkinsa |

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Since this is my first research note, I think this topic is the prefect one to start my work within this community.

With my basic knowledge of data collecting and DYI science, I feel that I not get much done with my Grailville Wetlands Project. I'm also poor at networking/recruiting people for help, either locally or Online. Right now, I'm only collecting data and attempting to research solutions to maintain the ponds organically, but mostly non-hardware related. What I want to do is to recruit someone or someones (locally or none) to work with me on this project. Hopefully I can gain insight from the help and the someone(s) can too!

wetlands water-quality recruitment ohio

lat:39.265 lon:-84.246 place:grailville-ohio


Hi, what kinds of questions are you looking to explore about the ponds? Thanks for sharing!

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Not a problem and thank you for your like and comment!

I think mostly (right now) is to see if using plants that are not native water living plants (like day lilies) potted in floats can help the pond to support more life than duckweed. I'm thinking about using the NIR camera to see if these plants are healthy compared to the duckweed that likes to grow like crazy in the pond.

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