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Emerson College JR-368 Water Sample Data

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Sample #1 - Jamaica Pond


-- This water was collected from Jamaica Pond in Jamaica Plain, MA. This pond is the largest body of fresh water in Boston and is the source of the Muddy River, which then drains into the Charles River. Jamaica Pond was once used as a source of water and ice for Boston and people still use it frequently as a recreation site so a small amount of pollution is understandable. However, it shouldn't be too polluted in comparison to other open bodies of water.

Sample #2 - Dawson Pond in Arnold Arboretum


-- Dawson Pond is one of three ponds located within Arnold Arboretum. As a natural research location, the pond is teeming with wildlife so it shouldn't be too polluted. However, since it is an extremely small body of fresh water and there is a lot of wildlife in it, conductivity should be rather high.

Sample #3 - Water Fountain in Emerson College's Walker Building


-- This is drinking water and therefore should be the least conductive of all samples. Emerson water fountain water is filtered and safe to drink, making it the cleanest, purest water of all samples listed.


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