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Thermal Fishing Bob Presentation from the NE Barnraising

by Kaya9804 | June 09, 2014 18:41 09 Jun 18:41 | #10544 | #10544

For anyone interested, here is the presentation from the Thermal Fishing Bob demo that I led at the NE Barn-Rasing this past weekend. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.



Hi, Kaya - it'd be really helpful if you could copy/paste the images and text into the research note body, so it can be searched, etc -- do you think you could do that?

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Sure thing. I posted the PDF version because of how long it would take to upload, but I can change it if you'd like.

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Very interesting concept. Wondering if it not easier to just use a GPS in there. Than you can use it all the time. Do not need to worry about long exposure images. Write some script which will load it all the data points in goolge maps as overlay or google earth. This project draw my attention to try it.

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