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Setup for photographically monitoring wind vector and turbulence with a kite

by Ecta64 |

This method of kite based observations is quite simple. It can be used with any kite but in the images above and below a TALA kite was used since it has a very wide wind range.

All that is needed here is a kite, camera, flying line, compass and a 10 meter long piece of surveyor's tape. A 10 meter length of standard surveyor's tape will stream within 1 or 2 degrees of horizontal with winds above 2 meters per second. The streamer can be attached to the line using the standard method of adding "line laundry" to a kite (Larkshead onto the line, to avoid having to do this under tension some part of the attachment for the streamer should be in place before flight to avoid injury).

Once 1 or more streamers are attached you simply fly and then image the kite and its streamers with your camera. A compass is used to get bearings on the streamers and kite. Images over time can be compared as in the sequence below.


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