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Oil testing kit Beta programme - Assembly: cuvette frame

by cindy_excites | October 07, 2015 17:15 07 Oct 17:15 | #12279 | #12279

Oil testing kit Beta programme - Assembly notes Part 2: cuvette frame

Contributors: @TedF and @cindy_excites

Date 07/Oct/2015

Here we document our experience assembling the cuvette frame and put forth a few humble suggestions.


1) Manila envelope content:


2) The cardboard pieces have pre-creased folds, which are great. However, it was counter-intuitive to fold these inward. In my experience of working with box-making and cardboard cutting in general, I fold so as to expose the pre-creased lines. Yours looks neater but it makes it hard to fold parts, esp. if they are already in place - e.g. the tabs in the V-folded strip once it's been pushed through are a bit harder to fold back against the pre-crease.

3) We were a bit confused about "" the M-folded sheet"... in the end we figured it referred to the shape, not a part name or label!


4) We had a bit of a hard time pushing the laser holder in through the smaller triangular holes so I made tiny incisions:



So that the cardboard could slide through:


5) We were a bit uncertain about what the picture was trying to tell us...


6) ... the rectangular cut in the V-folded strip DIY get caught because we didn't read ahead and it was a pain to get it out again :O


7) We built the vuvette holder from looking at the picture (again, instead of reading ahead...) so then the next picture was confuding. This was because the first picture shows the little cuvette base already folded in:


so we just tried to make it look like in the picture.

8) General comment about assembly:


9) We thought that maybe some pictures like this would help to complement and better understand how to insert the flaps of the cuvette holder:




10) We also used the blade of a cutter to slightly widen the slits, making it easier to push/pull flaps out:


11) Again, we got briefly confused when reading "Now assemble the laser attenuator" because it is at the bottom of the previous picture. This would of course not be a problem when read online.


12) The laser attenuator cardboard has some markings on one side so we were unclear about which side would get folded in... we assumed in the end that because it did not say, it did not matter but it would be best to not have to assume ;)


13) A diagram showing where the attenuator goes would be useful


14) Left over piece?? Maybe belongs elsewhere... (ok - resolved: --> it's to cover your chamber to reduce ambient light and to protect your eyes)


15) Final set up:


The elastics are just temporary to correct the buldging box.

This was really fun but it took much longer than we'd anticipated! Thanks for this! Look forward to building the rest.

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