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Public Lab Community Newsletter 11.10.2013

by Becki | November 11, 2013 02:02 11 Nov 02:02 | #9760 | #9760

Public Lab Community Newsletter 11.10.2013

Lots of end of year planning going on the week, as well as some great, new research going on.


Liz is collecting wintery-themed photos of Public Lab tools. Add yours to the wiki.

Upcoming events

November 16th wetlands planting and mapping in New Orleans

Research Note highlights

Cartography Primer - Pamet Marsh (posted by wward1400) Balloon Mapping Notes from a First-timer (posted by jbest) A photoshoot of the new Infragram Webcam prototypes and the now-shipping Smartphone Spectrometer kit (posted by warren) A breakthrough with UV laser detection of BP oil residue (posted by warren)
Public Lab presentation at the Vermont Environmental Summit (posted by cfastie)

If anything was missed, please email the lists or post a research note. Have a great week everyone! Becki P.S. Remember -- you can subscribe to this newsletter or follow via RSS.


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