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(This will soon be replaced by https://publiclab.org/wiki/sandbox-sitemap) This is a listing/map not only of the PLOTS website (a minimal one) but of all PLOTS web sites. Be sure to read through the links under the "About" Tab at top -- [Getting Started](http://publiclaboratory.org/getting-started), [Contribute](http://publiclaboratory.org/contribute), [Join](http://publiclaboratory.org/join). ###[PublicLaboratory.org](http://publiclaboratory.org)### * Divided into two main sections: * Research notes, which are basically individual research blogs by PLOTS members * Wiki pages -- which don't have a specific author -- are a shared online resource documenting our work. Use them to organize projects, post instructions, and to organize other wiki pages. * Request new features and report bugs: http://github.com/jywarren/plots/issues * Source code: http://github.com/jywarren/plots ###[MapKnitter.org](https://mapknitter.org)### * Upload your own aerial imagery and combine it into a GeoTiff and TMS/OpenLayers online map. * Request new features and report bugs: http://github.com/jywarren/mapknitter/issues * Source code: http://github.com/jywarren/mapknitter ###[MapMill.org](http://mapmill.org)### * for sorting and selecting good images to make a map with * great way to reach out to your community about an in-progress map * Request new features and report bugs: http://github.com/jywarren/mapmill/issues * Source code: http://github.com/jywarren/mapmill ###[Spectral Workbench](http://spectrometer.publiclaboratory.org)### * Request new features and report bugs: http://github.com/jywarren/spectral-workbench/issues * Source code: http://github.com/jywarren/spectral-workbench

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