• Black Mountain, Virginia

    Mapped by Jeffrey Warren, Stewart Long

    Cartographer: Stewart Long

    Published by gonzoearth

    37.063315790603816 N, -82.66715706740194 E


    Ground resolution: 28.0 cm/px

    Capture date: 2010-05-30T00:00:00

    Publication date: 2011-05-23T00:00:00

    License: Public Domain


    Jim Wiley from wileyslastresort.com guided our mapping party out to the site in his 4x4 Jeep Wrangler. The purpose of the balloon mapping trial was to try balloon aerial mapping at a mountain top removal (MTR) reclamation site.

    First, we had to create an improvised tether while in the field in order to fly high altitudes. In the somewhat rural area of Eastern Kentucky that we were in we had access to a farm supply store. Choosing from available parts at the farm supply store. The tether spool during construction. Ready to map, we drove out to a MTR site across the Virginia State line. The site was only accessible via 4x4

    preparing the camera (image sensor) balloon payload

    Jeff Warren wrangling the balloon back down to Earth

    Cartographer notes

    This project had both sufficient aerial base map availability and high altitude above ground level. Registering images with ground control was easier on this map. The imagery did have noise from the image sensor, but there was also noise in the form of mist from clouds. -Stewart


    Partial hypr3d model from this dataset:


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