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Is there any correlation between Infragram, IR and Thermographic images ? @dariusjack over 3 years ago 1
How to find the sweet spot for manual white balance settings using Pi NoIR and a blue filter with artificial (full spectrum) lighting @patalbright over 3 years ago 11
NDVI Image Captures Non-Plant Objects @velahs about 4 years ago 4
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How should I modify Infragram NDVI settings for Raspberry Pi Noir orbital photos? @brendan_stanford about 4 years ago 9
Can I use a clear case with the Infragram pi camera? @mimiss about 4 years ago 0
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Can I use the infragram.org for my thesis? Thanks! @tooooopher05 over 4 years ago 4
How can I make IR photos derived from various cutoff useful for creating NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index) images? @lev29 over 4 years ago 7
How to do the white-balancing for the RED filter? @xmv79667 over 4 years ago 1
Feasibility-check: NDVI analysis of moss @zomb23 over 4 years ago 3
Bad NDVI Results from Pi NOIR with Blue Filter @nstarli almost 5 years ago 6
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Need help to reduce the Blue in mobius point and shoot camera @Muneeswaran almost 5 years ago 5
What is the working principle of Blue/Red filter @nickyshen0306 almost 5 years ago 2
How do I take root and hypocotyl pictures for plant without light influence @Xing almost 5 years ago 2
I just gotten my newly purchased Infragram Pi Camera, my pi.local is blank and pi.local/Cam keeps popping up message "Error in RaspiMJPEG" hence I do not get any live video feed. Anyone can help? @willieong about 5 years ago 1

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