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Would using a kite messenger system help with mapping? @Ag8n 11 months ago
Is it possible to have a digital copy of the step-by-step instructions? @SuziT9 11 months ago
Kite altitude question @Ag8n about 1 year ago
What are materials we could include in a Kite Making Materials Pack? @warren about 1 year ago
Which is the wind speed range (maximum) when mapping with balloon? @edugil over 1 year ago
What is the easiest and cheapest way to make a kite big enough to carry a camera? @warren over 1 year ago
What's the best way to attach a camera to a balloon? @warren over 1 year ago
Cheap, lightweight GoPro alternatives for aerial mapping? @warren almost 2 years ago
Size of aerial imagery from balloons and kites @Morgan about 2 years ago

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