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PLOTS Map Toolkit

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As part of the Grassroots Mapping Curriculum series.

1) MapMill About MapMill 2) MapKnitter map project creation About MapKnitter 3) Map making with Knitter, adding local images, mapmill images 4) Export 5) Publish in the Public Laboratory archive. - "Want to make a point with your map? Change peoples' minds, challenge the public's attitude about a place? Contact PLOTS staff to have your map featured in the PLOTS Archive."

PLOTS Map Toolkit 1.0

Release date: Sept 30 MapKnitter at GitHub

PLOTS Map Toolkit 2.0

Release date? 2012

  • x/y coordinate notes inside of maps
  • smartphone app? currently in development: wish list: - exif data - sort by time, sort by rank -connection to /raw datasets for each map in the archive, upload once and done.

Knitter currently in development: masking wish list: - rotate only, apart from rescale only - activity notification (split second feedback, letting user know to wait for tool to complete current task)

Archive currently in development: wish list: connection to knitter, but how? export to archive?